Mission Statement

We promote the affirming gospel and love of Jesus Christ through radical inclusion in preaching, teaching the arts, relationship building and outreach.

Statement of Faith
Our profession of Christianity is the manner through which we identify with the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
Our expression of the Christian Faith is grounded in activism, social justice and the inclusive love of Jesus Christ.
We believe that the Bible provides spiritual guidance,
and embodies a number of timeless principles regarding God and the nature of humanity. 
We also believe that the sacred text is not without historical affects, socio-cultural influences
and identity-based biases (i.e. gender, race, sexual-orientation, educational and class status, etc.).
We are affiliated with The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries (TFAM).


Rev. Dr. Sherri H. Benn

Is an inspiring, charismatic minister who encourages and promotes healing in the lives of the hurting.  She understands the complexities and challenges of life, and has a fresh, practical and well-received approach to preaching and teaching.  She is skilled and authentic in her ability to apply scripture to real-life experiences.


Rev. Rachael Weldon-Caron

Is an outgoing, energetic woman of faith who has experienced some of the most grueling places in life.  She believes that truth sets people free, and shares the Word of God through the lens of God’s grace and call to her life. She is relentless and unyielding in her faith in God, and her  Spirit-inspired determination is her formula to turn challenges into triumphs.

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