Preaching,Teaching and Relationship Building

as we engage and expound upon the beauty, complexity and richness found within the sacred text.

Our approach to learning, growing and spiritual development focuses on the

intersectionality of biblical narratives with contemporary ideas and real life experiences.


“Open and inclusive in Fresh Water Ministry means that everyone is encouraged to be who they authentically are, without apology or explanation.   It means that we don’t check any of our identities at the door when we gather for worship.  We bring all of our being to the table of fellowship.  It means that in our preaching and teaching we want everyone to find their story, see themselves and be affirmed in who God uniquely made them to be.”


A share from Pastor Sherri



Secret Sins of the Heart
“I have received such freedom to live without limits by letting go of my past. I want others to know they really can let go of the past and live.”


“When we accept that we are simply human and prone to mishaps, fumbles, and falls, we can choose to let go of our God-complex, the mistaken belief that we are more than human. Then, our judgment of ourselves will be kinder, real and perhaps more closely akin to God’s view of us.”


Excerpt from Secret Sins of the Heart by Pastor Rachael Weldon-Caron

Devine Presence

Our hearts are filled with joy and gladness as we reflect on how You have helped us as congregations in the struggle for righteousness and justice and we rejoice in the gains of this past year...Thank You for the bright light of hope you have allowed us to be in the world…throughout the United States, in Mexico, in several countries in Asia, Africa and countries too numerous to name. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to impact this government and world regarding the moral and civil equality of the LBGTQIA community, women, the prison system, violence, Mental Health, education and poverty. Thank you for allowing us to experience the end of Marriage Inequality and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. As our people would say, “You have brought us from a mighty long way.” We are grateful that through our collective witness many churches, denominations and faith communities have come to embrace radical inclusion. 


Excerpt from Bishop Flunder - TFAM Prayer

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